Faded Melody

He breezed into my life

Like a Beethoven symphony

For my skeptical attitude

That moment was my epiphany

Having him by my side,

Life was dance and song

I couldn’t look beyond him,

Felt nothing could  ever go wrong

We  walked in jungle caressing trees

We climbed the mountains singing

We frolicked  in the valley of flowers

To each other tightly clinging

Those were the days that we

Enjoyed all the weathers

Always holding hands lovingly

We grew old together

We loved and lived as one

But had to depart alone

I lost my mate to heaven and

Felt lonely after he was gone

I keep humming those tunes

With age – worn jaded memory

And live with those symphonies

Haunted by that faded melody

                                                                         ~ Sudha Dixit

                                                                              Bangalore, India

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