They surmise proud is occupancy of male

And get submerged in air of despondency

Synchronously, men glaciate by dream of female

And women get dashed upon the obloquy.


I dream of you more than once

Been with and for me alone

But never maintain temerity to reach you

Except a vacant stare at you to be tantalized

I wouldn’t blink watching you

I perceive the dream fetter between us

Thus I’m panic about its closure will wake up me

And dissipate you

Sceptical on your ear at my supplication

“Oh my buddy

Wipe off pains from my poisoned bash

Fix between both my splashed pinions

Unleash the tethers of my slender limbs

Be my timid heart’s traces of impregnability

And fulfill fetus dreams

Be my vessel’s sailor navigate it towards haven of life

Be my fondness’ heart, be my heart’s tenderness”.

Will bequeath my veins to sprawl

If you measure the depth of my perpetual hallucinations

Will bestow my twigs to bloom

If you be fronds screen me in second life.

I stumble in occasions my dream trips in

Like shores in instants waves depart

I cognize the absence of fate to couple us

For we hail from distinct wombs.

Even though I’m darker than you

Why you conceal the moonlight from me.?

What I know about this world except to sprout?


In the optimism that I will stay in bud once again

Can I fall down?

                                                        ~ Mohammed Afsal Pk

                                                       Malappuram , India

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