Autumn Birds In Sky Thunder

The sky ironed out in da’ morning divine
On a November day cold
Celestial rainbows born of peeping sunshine
Cloud dreams rush past, unrolled

Under the bare leafless trees
Masqueraded hard to see
A bird lands on a branch’y trapeze
Whilst’ a gusting humming bird, laughs elusively

Yet in that moment prevue
A sparkle of butterflies at glance
Capturing shades of yellow and warm blue
As treetops sway to the wind of dance

A secret life in the windy air
Sultry skies in hues of grey and white
At the moment birds n’ butterflies scare
The whole time sky cracking in sight

Pleading in chilly branches above
Whilst autumn boom rumble laughs merrily
Birds n’ butterflies lying determinedly in love
O’ plunder n’ thunder strike with golden symphony

Autumn now sways in aquamarine streaks
Spreading opulently past the stars
As the night revolves the sound of birdland shrieks
End of rainbow, yonder far

                                                                    ~ Daniel Miltz 

                                                                    Hampstead, NH, USA

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