Trump’s Populist Approach Will Guarantee His Re-election

By Mark Antony Rossi

Trump’s populist approach will guarantee his reelection — and why is that? Fundamentally, it comes down to a single factor — no one opposing him has attempted to discover why he was elected in the first place. 


Personal retaliation and status quo mantra’s are not an ideology or a plausible agenda suitable to address the needs of a democratic republic. Hence, our dilemma, the absence of curiosity (why was this guy elected?) combined with “if we can get rid of him, everything will go back to normal,” is the only elements driving the opposition.


How do these impure impulses serve the American electorate? They do not. What is expected in good faith is an opposition slate of counter proposals. Where are the reasons for not cutting taxes? For not heading again into another military conflict? For demanding wealthy European NATO members pay their fair share of a seemingly outdated alliance? For realigning our Pacific military forces to take serious the growing Chinese threat to the South Seas? To re-examine the multiple trade treaties passed in the last two decades that favor everyone but the United States? For pulling out of financially unfair environmental agendas that punish developed countries while allowing up and coming players to get off Scott free? 


There has been zero legislative response to any of these Trump measures. Other than the populist insistence on fairness will upset friends and offend neighbors. The American electorate voted Trump into office precisely because he didn’t want to do business as usual in Washington which almost always includes ignoring and/or screwing the taxpayer. 


As evident by the Impeachment proceedings the majority of the people are still being shut out of the process. Their voice unheard by an opposition that cannot conceive someone might disagree with their ideas or actions. Trump will be exonerated by a Senate trial and his popularity and reelection prospects remain strong.


Not because he is a genius. Not because he is a gentleman. Not because he is a figure of grace or gratitude. But only because AGAIN the American majority doesn’t feel the opposition is worried about them. It appears to be only concerned about its grip on power. 


For the good and the bad America and the World will have to deal with Trump for another four years. Will anything be learned from a discontented electorate yearning for a more fruitful political assembly. Don’t hold your breath.


About the Author: Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and author of the bioethics volume “Dark Tech” now available from Amazon. His most recent plays have been produced in Liverpool and New York. He also hosts a podcast called Strength to be Human.

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