The Government and its Failures

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

                           ~ Plato

In last few days the country saw how system has collapsed on streets. Cars, buses and public property were set on fire and government simply stood aside and let things grind to a screeching halt. This was an utter and biggest failure of government and BJP and its leaders are directly answerable for this loss of property.

I don’t think government had any plans to deal with this mayhem and terror that was allowed to spread. Had hooligans were dealt with severely last Sunday, this fire would not have spread around the country. In Delhi, the place the place where it all began, rumors were allowed to spread, the police had names of the troublemakers but no effort was made because government wanted to gain some political points for upcoming elections. Policemen are being beaten and lathi charge would not do in current scenario. Government either should call in the army or accept that it’s unable to defend the populace from rampaging mobs on streets. Everyone has a right to dissent in democracy but this is utter destruction and hooliganism that is being carried out on streets in Seelampur and Jamia. Stonepelters are not there to give suggestions. They don’t believe in peace but lethargic bureaucrats and our hopelessly incompetent politicians will not give shoot at sight orders. The whole state of UP and several major cities are on edge.

Arrogant is the word that is being used for BJP these days, right from the day when rioting began their politicians and elected representatives are no where to be seen. Like 370, they should have planned this out, deployed forces in sensitive areas and alerted public groups as a back up for police and security services. But when you have too much chest thumping going around, reasonable voices do not get heard in the backdrop. People do not have problem with CAA but NRC had ringed wrong bells in Muslims ears. Opposition parties fanned these flames and result is out there on streets. Now Modi government is scampering to contain the backlash. With economy in shambles and prices of daily necessities like onions, potatoes sky rocketing, only thing that was missing was a total shutdown. People are rethinking their travel plans and travels in coming holidays. The kind of environment of fear and suspicion that is out there in public places, New Year celebrations look doubtful to me. The 56 inches chest has shrunken in front of violent mobs.

In country like India the government should either be feared or respected but our leaders have allowed themselves to look like incompetent fools. Frustration is slowly becoming the general feeling of middle class of this country.

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