Student and Artist

As a dame surrenders to a strong lord

Wisdom descends upon who works hard

As for any work, a reason is must

A student ought to have the knowledge’s lust

He must be thirsty of curiosity

Because in competition, there are plenty

He mustn’t stop, until he gets success of choice

For a time that is past, cannot revise

But if a student is an artist too

He ought to choose the one of the two

Both cannot go equally,

Either mastery of art or study

For, to a singer, to a dancer, or to any artist

No one gives a damn about his educational shit

Arts demand perfection, arts demand quality

Neither degree, nor diploma, nor your wisdom’s gravity

Problems arise when an artist is forced to be a student

And a student is forced to be an artist

Dear parents! Dear teachers! Listen, it’s important

 Don’t ever meddle with a person’s instinct

Let him be what he really wanna be

Don’t try to disfigure a natural personality.

                                                          ~ Ravi

                                                             Shravasti, India


  1. Chandra Prakash says:

    Absolutely correct.

  2. Shubham Srivastava says:

    Yeah really you have such beautiful art of reflecting your emotions/feeling beautifully in a poem…. beautiful poem…

  3. Shikha srivastava says:

    Such a really &beautiful poem sir..
    Superb sir wonderful..

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