By Anjana Subramanian

Ever faced a situation when you go out of the house planning to buy 10 different things but end up buying only 6? Or simply trying to remember where you kept the car keys each time you head out. Have you ever wondered or thought why such things happen? Is it mere forgetfulness or something else.

I have always observed small kids remembering the dates and time of events which happened years ago but when it comes to us, we fail to store it even on our phones. Unique and distinctive events such as university graduation, wedding, birth of our first child always remain in our memory because they are singular events.

There is so much of negativity and stress around us nowadays that we unconsciously push unpleasant thoughts and feelings into our brain. We tend to overthink small minute things, which leaves us with no space to think something constructive or useful, leave alone forgetting things.

Now, can you analyze what is happening? Kids are kids, they don’t understand shades of grey. For them everything is either black or white, but when it comes to us we calculate, add and subtract complexities forgetting to enjoy even our present.

So, the need of the hour is to focus and stress on the good things in our life. Try developing a hobby or a like for some activity and practice it daily and last but not the least- be happy and contented always.

About the Author:

Anjana Subramanian, is a young engineer and a brand new wife, she believes in having a positive outlook towards life. She is currently settled in the Bay Area, CA, and let her creative juices flow in her writings and kitchen.

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