The Fear of Challenges

By Anjana Subramanian

What is about a challenge that intimidate us? Is it the fear of not successfully achieving the goal or not having the guts to accept it right away? When I was a young girl, I wasn’t aware of this word. Things were accepted and done in a more stress free way. However, with the importance of social media and public opinion it becomes a big challenge to overcome any problem.

Hence, it is important to invest in educating people and understanding them, their problems, fears, aspirations and challenges. We spend thousands of dollars to put dividers on road to avoid accidents. Just drawing a line on the road and asking people to see it as a divider, will it not suffice the need. It will not only save money but also time and resources.

Many kids nowadays face problems on the Autism, ADHD, Asperger and dyslexic spectrum. These are problems of the social and emotional world and parents of such kids often feel left-out and helpless. Trapped in golden prisons, these families hardly interact with the outside world which blows their problem out of proportion. The kids end up going into a nutshell for the fear of interacting with other human-beings who end up being judgmental and often sarcastic.

Hence, there will be no term called as challenge or problem if human-intervention becomes a motivation and an asset.

About the Author:

Anjana Subramanian, is a young engineer and a brand new wife, she believes in having a positive outlook towards life. She is currently settled in the Bay Area, CA, and let her creative juices flow in her writings and kitchen.


  1. Hi Anju, superb analysis. Great article.

  2. well thought!! challenges should indeed be opportunities to excel….

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