Month: November 2019


In the End….

the beauty will fade the strength will perish success, recognition and fame will be irrelevant. achievements will be useless the degree will no longer be counted beautiful places will fade and forgotten wealth will disappear. IN THE END… It is the inner beauty that counts The strength you gave for […]



Prayer happens when we feel utterly helpless. The presence of God can be felt everywhere. God is like scent of an incense and fragrance. I pray to God every day for my good health. and I pray to God for guidance to lead me. I am God fearing, I never […]


Evolved Waste Birth 17Numacrap2/5/31

Because, without giving – To the living ones To reflect or to forgive, To correct or to bleach off Your war crimes, plagiarism or vices – The holy oblivion will put An eternally overtaking gear To e–race or to erase, Such hateful, egoistic, truth–less, – Shameless, spineless, Intercontinental venom – […]


Sepoy Mutiny

Night of May 1857 was one of the violent when the sepoys Seized weapons from three regiments. The sepoys attacked the British officers At the St. John’s Church in Meerut and this Incident  announced the ‘Rising’ that managed To shake the British Raj in the country. When the introduction of […]



Silent Vision Don’t want to see the universe With naked eyes I think keeping my mouth shut Is really wise I look through tinted glass Or a simple paper strip I know silence is golden, so I have sealed my lips This way I happily watch The world of my […]


The Final Countdown

i will be behind my extinction, i’m aware of that you know a disaster when you see it i’m worse than a super-volcano i’m a giant meteor like the one mentioned in a special edition of the journal nature published tuesday which said mammals, birds and amphibians are nothing (and […]


Among Youth

Their self-belief that joie de vivre like spring leaves on tender saplings swaying in the breeze their life force whether thwarted or fulfilled it matters not one jot for autumn it will come and these leaves will fall making a mockery of all.               […]



She walked away (Sharp intake of breath) As the man in the white coat turned around to leave I held her hand firmly. She lay there still. The touch of my calloused hand didn’t move her. I tried to hold it back but that forsaken tear rolled down my cheek. […]


Letter to an Indian Girlfriend

By Is’haq Bhat August 14, 2019 Srinagar, Kashmir. Dear Indu, How are you? How is your heart, apart from being ruthless? The words I write here carry the mood and texture of those couplets of Mirza Ghalib but trust me I am not trying to be romantic here. I am […]