Forlorn, I abide

in lone wilderness

seeking pathway holding

the one-way ticket in my hand

in a journey called life.

That transcends from childhood

carefree, careless

timeless and eternal.

wrapped in the foliage of

warmth and love. of progenitors.

A tree of ambition desires hovers

in adulthood  to unfold

a new tunnel of hatred, a battle between

jealousy selfishness wrath, and anguish

like a coat of paint on the dull grey world.

My thoughts awaken by

the trickles of wind chimes

in garden lush green and colourful

that strengthen me inside out

hopelessness, despair, vanish.

I arise, I rise in his glory to discover

hope in Divine’s love at the other

end of the spectrum,

to believe in oneself, a tranquil, peaceful new me,

where darkness fades into oblivion.

                                                                ~ Anjana Prasad

                                                                 Nagpur, India


  1. Beautiful ❤️

  2. O K R Sivagnanam says:


    PAIN and SUFFERING vanishes

    The moment HOPE dawns

    It’s all BRIGHTNESS everywhere

    With no trace of DARKNESS

    To frighten us!

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