Evolved Waste Birth 17Numacrap2/5/31

Because, without giving –
To the living ones
To reflect or to forgive,
To correct or to bleach off
Your war crimes, plagiarism or vices –

The holy oblivion will put
An eternally overtaking gear
To e–race or to erase,
Such hateful, egoistic, truth–less, –
Shameless, spineless,
Intercontinental venom –
Weaving soulless spiders,
Spiritless ranting Selah, GeorgianPimp17Numa!

From the gloriously growing
Screen, script, song,
Literature and tradition.
From a noiseless–day on…

They will never ever get
A good birth or a good death
A good burial or an e–salvation
In any REVOLVED lip, in any ear, in any eye,
In any road–name, in any story, in any song
Or, in any holy–dust / ash !

Oh, leave all those –
But, the unhappy truth is that
They will never ever get
That name ‘Human’ !

Ancient people called such births
17Numa, Phoenix-crap157/159, or, rejected crap dusts,
From B & W, Red, Blue, Fire, Sky, Life, Shadow,
DNA of Paradise !

Yea Phoenix / Evolution failed mankind
With daydream, allusions, bullshit
And Trumped-up story!

But, Revolution revived mankind
With reality, civilizations, blood –
And Promethean Fire !

                                                  ~ Sanju Clement

                                                    Kerala, India

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