Crying Time

I do not, normally, cry

Because I know that

Tears, however intense

Do not change the fate

I have been through tough

And very struggling phase

I did cry as I was weak

In that early stage

I found out that it

Does not at all help

How much I may shout,

Throw tantrum and yelp

I had to brace myself,

Get up with deep breath

With determination, which

Might even defy death

Strength of my will power

Was absolutely fool proof

Won’t hesitate, if needed,

I’d surely hit the roof

Whatever might happen

I would not, ever, cry

With or without wings

I would scale sky

Trying and crying times

For me do not exist

I welcome so happily

With kismet any tryst

                                                     ~ Sudha Dixit

                                                           Bangalore, India

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