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‘I’ Am The 1 And Only Sun For The SweetheartEarth

My Day only Today Everydays ! Yea but oh not every Date. ‘I’ only ‘I’ncarnate ! Yea ‘I’ only aroused elevated terraformed Soulkidded Soulbited Burned ruined scratched Pillaged Harvested Constantly feasted Constantly conquered Constantly won  – All the pleasure points. All soft areas of Love. All wild areas of Lust. […]

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Chasing Happiness

To the mornings that welcome the day A sunrise that gives hope The cold wind breeze and the Fragrant smell of flowers. To the nights that flicker lights Fine dining at its best Deafening sound of peals of laughter and A drop of wine till becoming sober. To the busyness […]

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The Angry Earth She is a mother figure She should be respected Only then from her treasure trove Any bounty is expected Do we deserve any favour For us from gracious nature While we don’t behave Better than the wild creatures In order to make  roads We blast and damage […]

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स्नेह, सरल चाँदनी सी मन को छू गयी… वो स्मृति आज भी जीवित है मन की यात्रा में, नन्ही नौकाा तैरती है होले -होले जैसे सरोवर में… इस आवाज़ाही में लम्हां कहाँ ठहरा है? स्वांस  और निस्वांस के अन्तराल इत्मीनान है की तुम मेरे साथ हो… प्रगाढ़ रहे स्नेह हमारा, होना संवेदना […]

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The Allies

By Terence Wynne from Camillus, NY, USA

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Of Unknown Fears…

By Hema Ravi  Seeing a police car in this unobtrusive neighbourhood, triggered discomfort from within; not that I am a ‘capiophobic.’  I am a law-abiding citizen in every respect,  however, as a visitor to this place, I am wary of strangers, more so a policeman in this peaceful environ. During our walks […]

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The Railway Blues

By Arshad Khan From Sendhwa, Madhya Pradesh

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The PMC Fraud and Why it Should Concern You

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal It has been few weeks now since PMC bank’s and its customers accounts were frozen by the RBI putting a withdrawal limit of 10000 INR in six months.  Just imagine the plight of the customer who has his life savings deposited in PMC and given […]

October 13, 2019 · 2 comments · Editorial

Canine Talk – What’s App Tête-à-Tête

By Hema Ravi My friend was standing  in her balcony enjoying the autumn sun.  A morning walker, towing a poodle along was passing by.  The elderly gentleman slowed down at the compound-wall of my friend’s apartment.  Surmising things,  Shanta shouted, ‘not at my doorstep!  With hurried steps, the dog-walker disappeared; […]

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Domestic Violence and Other Atrocities on Women

By Sarika Tainwala Behind closed doors of homes, women are constantly being tortured in rural areas, towns, cities and in metros every day. Yet we are unaware of it because women are inherently good at covering up all the time. The instances of increasing crimes against women is shocking with […]

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