The Unsung Song

They say I am full of life

I’m filled with song and dance

I live life to the hilt

I miss no rapturous chance

I don’t believe in crying

I’m jubilant and strong

There are courageous people

I’ve been with them for long

Now I have a dark secret

I have fallen in love

It made me docile, fey and

Very delicate like a dove

I’m not street smart

I’ve dreams in my eyes

Love gave me wings of fancy

I’d soar high up the skies

But nothing lasts forever

One day I lost my beau

I do not know the reason

Why must he leave me and go

My vivacity is no more

Gone is my gleeful laughter

I feel I have to close

My life’s happiest chapter

Would he ever see in my eyes

Un-spilled drop of a tear

Would he, again, my unsung song

With its injured melody, hear

~Sudha Dixit

Bangalore, India

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