The Holiday

The holiday is over-

I’ve come back home;

the mountains, rivers, forests and hummingbirds,

all linger

in my mind’s eye, ears, heart and soul.

The virginal sanctity of nature

caresses my soul and enters my dreams,

as I put my head on the pillow each night now;

my dreams are less hostile.

My mind has come to a stilling calm

like that of a monk meditating in the Caves;

Austere, unrelenting, unwavering.

I did not have to go to the cave

to silence the monkey mind;

Only get away from

the concrete jungle of the city,

and permeate into the mountain-scape of the hills-

where the trees spoke their own unique language

of cooperation and cohabitation with other species


Yes, bliss was the implicit language of communication.

The mind has mercifully slowed down after a week of

no mind in the hills;

I shall go to the hills

next year again or earlier,

when the cacophony in my mind becomes louder

than the humming of the hummingbirds

between my ears.

                                            ~Shiitaal Budhrauj

                                                New Delhi, India

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  1. A very well written poem with beautiful imagery presenting an actual picture of amazing Nature

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