Remember Me

Remember me…

When the sun is no longer shining

The moon and the stars are hiding

While the rainbow has lost its colors

the flowers have faded its beauty

and the grass has withered in the ground

Remember me …

every time you open your eyes

during the crack of dawn

as it unfolds your sight

how I bravely defied the hurdled of life

Remember me…

every time you close your eyes at night

and reminisce the momentous night

that made this soul shivers

Remember, Just remember me

In any way you can, when I am gone.

                                                    ~ Dr. Luzviminda Rivera

                                                         Tarlac Province, Philippines


  1. It’s a very beautiful poem.

  2. Luzviminda G. Rivera says:

    Thank you So much for your appreciation.

    It is one of the poems included in my book – “A Gift” which will be out soon

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