ISRO: To Moon And Beyond

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

We may have lost contact with Vikram Lander but we have not lost our capability to reach stars. In Science, successes are built on failures and it’s the failures that teach us more lessons that successes. Experiments always come with risks and should be accepted as part and parcel of the task.  Chandrayaan -2 mission may not have gone as planned but there is much to be hopeful and cheerful about this effort.

First, we have shown the world that we can undertake hazardous missions and have the willingness, expertise and technology to go beyond the known bounds. Second, we haven’t lost the complete module and orbiter is still up there to carry out its designated tasks. Third, we can patiently analyze the factors that may have lead to loss of communication with lander and try to make our payloads more robust and equipped to handle such situations. Fourth and most importantly, space technology research has direct bearing on defense capability of a nation and these missions give us an opportunity to enhance our scientific and strategic foundation. Right from the beginning whole nation was closely observing this mission and yes, it was a moment of some sadness when we lost the contact with lander but it is more than reassuring to see the outpouring of support for ISRO and it’s scientists from citizens and scientific community across the globe. Indians have tremendous faith and pride in ISRO and its work and no failure can budge that trust. It’s this kind of support that gives confidence to scientists to carry on with their work.

I would strongly recommend ISRO as an organization for the highest civilian honor in the country. We have numerous problems in our country and among the endless challenges we face as a nation we take solace and pride in few things we do good and ISRO is one of them. The brave men and women of this research organization are some of the brightest minds we have and they have dedicatedly served their nation despite all the difficulties staked against them. It is this indomitable spirit of service and courage that we should cherish and support.

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  1. I fully agree with the Editor that though we have lost contact with Vikram toLander everything isn’t lost. The Orbiter is still sending valuable information. It has in fact opened new doors for our great Scientists & I have full faith in their capability to overcome whatever went wrong. Hats off to each one of our Scientist who put in all his/her efforts in making this mission as successful as they did. We, Indians are very proud of them.

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