Her and Me

I held my breath, then let it go

As she retreated into her confines.

She was a frenzy of rage some days.

However, I had become used to her.

I saw her stretch across the horizon

And melt into a place

My eyes couldn’t touch.

So, I looked into her deeply.

She was fierce; turbulent.

She leapt at me in full fury.

I recoiled,

Raising my hands to protect my face.

Shivers spread across my body,

In excitement and fear,

Vibrating further and faster,

For what I saw was unpeaceful,

untamable, and unreliable.

Yet she was the nurturer,

The womb to many.

So, I was en route

To the other end of the sea,

Still hoping to reach somewhere

Beyond her and me.

                               ~Tarana Aggarwal

                                  New Delhi, India

                                      Blog: Untangling Life’s Web

                                       Instagram: untangling_lifes_web


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