For The Soulful Earth II

She is my lovely-gulmohar realm,

My Indian Mansoon ballerina,

My nearest everlasting Love Story,

My phenomenal Indian Muse in the mellifluous air,

My melancholic myth from the Milky Way,

She the core and the pulse

Of my everything,

She is the alpha and the omega

Of my sweetest universal aches !

While applying  –

Gentle land breeze

From my flaming PrometheanPeacock feather

On unbending frozen waves  –

Of her craving oceanic volcanic body,

‘I’ felt her like a fire curved  –

Orbiting mermaidEarth or Blue Nile,

Longing for my Sunlips and pen’s mapping vertical

And horizontal kisses and digs and scratch, which allow

My diamantine passions to leak  –

Into her pond—heart

And to decorate its infinite ceiling

A rippled-multiverse of our own,

Ah only  –

With the supporting,

Angelic grace of   –

Her galactic dream.

                                                          ~ Sanju Clement 

                                                           Kerala, India

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