The Rights and Wrongs

By The Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

Sometimes organizations or political parties mistakes can easily undo their good work and it cannot be more true in the case of BJP. The promised passage of the bill banning triple talaq which will go a long way in addressing the rights issue of Muslim women was marred by the Unnao Rape case accident staged by the accused BJP lawmaker, sitting behind bars, to silence the victim. Why did BJP waited two years to expel this guy?

The BJP under PM Modi and Amit Shah is more successful then its predecessors but ideologically or morally the party is a far cry from what it stood for in the past. In order to gain quicker ground and more political ground in elections they allowed some really shady characters to come in, people who are frequent ship jumpers with little to no ideology or people who have tainted backgrounds who simply put bully their way to victory in their respective constituencies. Unnao MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar is from the latter category, it is a shame to BJP state and central leadership that this guy was able to intimidate the victim girl and her family from his prison cell with the help of local Police and some politicians in BJP. What makes Sengar so important to be protected by BJP? Why members of the ruling party are going to jail to meet and support this guy? Would these patrons be issued a show cause notice by BJP? I doubt they would.

What’s sad about this whole episode is that the raped girl’s uncle is serving time in jail because of a complaint filed by Sengar and girl’s father was beaten to death in Police custody. And if reports are to be believed local police was putting pressure on victim’s kin to settle the matter with accused MLA. She was warned of the consequences which culminated in the road accident from which she hasn’t recovered till now. This Sengar practically ran Unnao like his fiefdom and nobody seems to have any problem with that, why?

BJP is currently enjoying hegemony in Indian political arena but such intoxication can be fatal, they should stick to their Bushido lest they may suffer a Congress like fate in future.


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