The Neighbor’s Woes

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

Imran Khan, the Pakistani Prime Minister has reached a point, which eventually comes in the carrier of every Pakistani prime minister, where he realized the perils and vulnerability that comes with the position. In lack of any viable solution to his country’s problems he did what all Pakistani PMs and politicians do, blaming his woes on India.

It is surprising that Mr. Khan hasn’t realized the fact that revocation of article 370 is the result of Pakistan’s policy of fomenting terrorism and communal disharmony in the region. Instead of looking for a peaceful solution by talks with India, Khan and his predecessors in civil and military leadership of Pakistan decided to send brainwashed youths, in jihadi ideology, across the border. No wonder, that policy was destined to backfire sooner or later.

On August 14th, Imran Khan went into a lengthy tirade on Nazis and their ideology and how it bear resemblance with Narendra Modi’s and RSS school of thought, he spoke about his country’s weakness while also trying to make threats of war but little did he realized the irony of the situation. He can either wage war or mend his own house but given the current state of affairs, he can’t do any of those. Till he comes to term with the fact that Pakistan cannot make any substantial progress in economy or any sphere of development without being on good terms with India and for that to happen, he would have to divert necessary resources from military and non state actors which it uses to make trouble in the region. It would be a bitter pill to swallow but Pakistan has no option other than to focus on dire internal affairs rather than poking their nose in external ones.

In our own home we have politicians and intellectuals too happy to pay lip service to Pakistan. The kind of incendiary language used by Mufti, Abdullah’s and other local separatists leader testify to the fact that these parties do not want any solution of Kashmir quagmire and will go to any nefarious lengths to propagate their self serving agenda.

Kashmir will be a flashpoint for sometime to come and given the rhetoric from across the border and their liberal brethren here in India, we should prepare for any and all eventualities.

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