Step By Step

Look into my eyes

How much life is there inside me

You’ll see how life peeps through them

And flies

Because it can still fly

Up above and so high

There are desires,

Courage and aspirations,

Hopes and expectations

They are all there

Only I have to walk up

And grab them

Do not look

At the lines on my face

Those are the signs

The feet of time has traced

It passed stepping on me

But could not trample me

It only left some wounds

And injury marks

Remnant of life

Are still left over in me

Despite that period stark

That life

Which was with me

In childhood

As well as in youth, but

Then I could not live it

Even now I have that life

Inside me

I want to spend it now

Bit by bit

I want to live now

Look into my eyes

And see

How much life is there.

Inside me

                                           ~Sudha Dixit

                                            Bangalore, India

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