Slipped Grip

I stand here amongst these multitude

A speck within this forest of dark hairs

Worn over this map of scalp…

An ovation of compliments at your arrival

Rhythms and melodies

Flashes of light

Across this horizon…

For barely a while now…

These grasses sprout

Germinating rapidly

To kiss your cheeks

Luring you away from this temple of our hearts…

Away they led..

My weary eyes caught a glimpse of your shadow

As it leaves through many doors

Dissolving into fragments….,of smoke……,

Gas…….subliming to the coast,

Coating the path you thread.

I stand in this hamlet of horrendous thoughts

Where the soup is laid bare

Spiced with sour flavoured seasoning

By these sprouting weeds…

For it tries vainly to blur views in three dimensions

As I stood to gaze at the rare….

That place where…..

You slipped off our grip…

                                                                     ~ Stephen Izevbekhai 

                                                                   Benin City, Nigeria

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