By Bhavya Roy

“Mom! Mom! Where is my tie?” Sam cried. “Don’t you remember putting it in the cupboard last night?” his mom replied. Sam looked once more in the cupboard to find in front of him.

Today was a big day for Sam- he was placed with the highest paying firm and today was just the first. Both he and his mother had cherished dreams of being able to live peacefully without any financial issues since the death of his father. Halfway to his office, a large van came speedily from the opposite side and crashed into his car window. Sam’s head dived straight into the steering wheel as the car tossed in the air. As soon as the car landed, blood could be seen oozing from the bottom of the flipped-over car. By the time his mother reached the hospital, Sam was already dead. The sight of her only child and the telephone ring woke Diana up from her daydream. “Is this Mrs. Eaton?” “Yes.” “We have called to inform you about the death of Mr. Samuel Eaton. He was brought to the hospital after a fatal accident….” . The telephone receiver fell from Diana’s hand as she stood frozen with horror.

Few seconds later, she heard a distant voice calling out to her ”Mom! Mom!.” She opened her eyes and saw Sam. “You’ve been sleeping a lot these days, haven’t you?” asked Sam. Tears of joy rolled out of her eyes and made her realize she had been dreaming all this while!

About the Author: Bhavya Roy is a content writer for websites. A recent English graduate, she has a flair for writing articles as well as poetry in English and Hindi. She can write with excellence on any topic which excites her. She hails from Bhagalpur (Bihar).

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