He sits at the gate D’orleans

The last time he spoke ten years ago.

But still they come and sit with him

watch and wait

they know he says nothing but when he does

he speaks of truth and something that is not of this world.

When he spoke ten years ago people were greatly moved

even though no one can remember what it was.

It was as if after the words were spoken they disappeared.

He looks at people as they watch him, some try to outstare him

but they can’t after all he has nowhere to go.

Kids laugh at him and try to make fun of him but as always he neither laughs no frowns

just the same quizzical look as if he was waiting for them to say something brilliant to him.

But they never do.

If you don’t believe me go tp Paris you will see him there some say he has been there for over two hundred years already and there is no sign of him leaving

                                                         ~ Marc Carver

                                                                  Basingstoke, UK

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