Month: August 2019


Making Life Worthwhile

Here we are in this holy place, Day after day we have a new pace. When the birds chirp and sing with joy, Nature becomes merrier and starts to enjoy. While focusing on the path of moving ahead, We should not forget the values we have been fed. Obstacles have […]


Ingratitude is a Cancer on the Soul

By Mark Antony Rossi I once said in an earlier book I wrote, Ingratitude makes me want to murder.” We all have our red line. My red line is people forgetting the generous folks willing to help them. Now I already have a bad temper so this grievous Sin is […]



C’est toi Aucune autre Et c’est moi Toute, pour toi Pour nous   Timi ra mo Hami dui jana Hamro Such Hamro samjhana   Its you, my love No one else And it is me All for you For us   Tum ho Aur koi nahee, Aur main hoon Poori […]


Revolution Day

Straight planets And divinely pro – Grammed cells Are blessed Angels. ‘I’ give them My ‘I’lluminating Light of Truth, Revelation, divine festivity, Stellar enlightenment ! Their revolutions Is an ultimate respect – ‘I’ value and treasure From the Alpha to Omega ! Mere dusts are bound to suffer Mental and […]



When the sun with bleeding heart Paints the sky in vermilion hue I feel sad and depressed, for That’s the time I remember you With augmenting darkness My sense of loneliness grows I feel, in the whole world, There is none, who my distress knows Can sorrow be so beautiful […]


A Glimpse of Heaven

The refreshing view of clouds in the sky and vibrant colors of the rainbow bridge send invigorating energy to this soul The blowing of the cold breeze that touches the innermost being while the piercing sounds made by the birds are entertaining to the ears the vastness of flora artistically […]


Robots Are Not Racists, Rivers Are Not Human

By Mark Antony Rossi Lately in the extreme efforts of social justice people have gone out of their mind. Common sense muse prevail when attempting to fix a wrong or you risk creating a bigger wrong. A perfect example of this idiotic social outrage is the ongoing Star Wars “debate.” […]


The Sea

As the evening tends to fall The colours from in front of my eyes, Dance and fade The sky blurs exhausted, jade. I struggle, I scuffle To see past the Dawning despair, To bear with the welling warfare. I try to discern Where and how did I commit a felony, […]



By Bhavya Roy “Mom! Mom! Where is my tie?” Sam cried. “Don’t you remember putting it in the cupboard last night?” his mom replied. Sam looked once more in the cupboard to find in front of him. Today was a big day for Sam- he was placed with the highest […]