Let’s Keep it Simple

By Bhavya Roy

Religion is a topic which must never be debated. To all the people of a country like India, religion is, and always was, a sensitive issue. People of all classes and categories have their own take on faith and religious beliefs. Each one of them possess a belief entirely private to them. They may regard their own faith to be the best. When this statement in the wake of issues like sabarimala, triple talaaq, and the very recent issues surrounding a young  TMC MP, is considered, it may be necessary to question the rights and wrongs in the faith we have been following through the ages. More and more of atrocities have been committed in our very own country in the name of religion. It seems that we have been highly disrespectful towards the cultural values of our own country. To respect the belief of others should be more than everything else, even if it requires the shedding off of our dogmas. How can we be a part of a “New India” if we are to desire development but unwilling to sacrifice thoughts that differentiate between humans?

As Indians should we see others and not by identifying others as a Hindu, Christian, or a Muslim. Faith is not at all a bad thing. It gives hope to people in the time of distress. However advanced we may become as humans, we all rely on that omniscient creator to keep us away from all sorts of troubles. But this faith, I believe, should never be forced upon anyone. People believe in God because they want to. It’s almost as personal as sex. Just as you cannot force anyone to have sex with you, in the same way you cannot force your religious beliefs on others.  That’s the core value of Hinduism that you should regard every religion as equally important. If you disregard this notion, then why do you even consider yourself a Hindu?

About the Author: Bhavya Roy is a content writer for websites. A recent English graduate, she has a flair for writing articles as well as poetry in English and Hindi. She can write with excellence on any topic which excites her. She hails from Bhagalpur (Bihar).


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