In the Eyes of a Child

Chocolates and lollipops that are

tempting to the soul

cakes that are palatable to the tongue

balloons that are uplifting to our spirit

play park and games that give life

these are some of the things

that remind us of our childhood and

the simplicities of life.

As we grow and become old

our focus changes

which are defined by

the society we live in and

somehow being able to

champion the race of

“survival of the fittest.”

Happiness and contentment

were being measured on the

amount of things we possess

and work hard to achieve it.

Oh, didn’t we miss being a child?

and simplicities of life?

where happiness, contentment

serenity and simplicities can be seen

                                                     ~ Dr. Luzviminda Rivera

                                                         Tarlac Province, Philippines

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