Time sits still in the tip of these cedar trees

as they pierce the balming silence of these cerulean skies

unwaved and unweathered

as a testimony to the

constant swing by the northern winds

here they stand

witness to the passers-by

passing on the great wisdom

saved and savored for eons

with their strong branches and Feeble leaves

/a dichotomous truth/

those mighty heads

gives in easily to these boisterous winds

and they bow down to their generosity

with the fruit-laden branches

and teaches us

/the ignorant mankind/

a lesson in humility.

                                                    ~ Megha Sood

                                                          Jersey City, USA


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  2. Beautiful !

  3. I love our local cedars – so fortunate they are a 10 minute walk! Hands on, listen, refresh, feel the spirit