By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

5th August, 2019 will be remembered as a glorious day in the history of this nation. It’s the day when the constitutional wall between Kashmir and rest of the India came down. It rectifies the mistakes made by Nehru, the first prime minister of India. A mistake that took its toll in thousands of dead soldiers, millions of Kashmiri Hindus abandoning their homes and many more killed, raped or disappeared by rampaging mobs.

370 is a clause in Indian constitution, added by a subterfuge,  which ensured India paid all the bills of Kashmir, defended it borders and afford special privileges to the Kashmiri populace but Indians would have little say in the matters and Indian law would not apply in the state. Kashmir had separate constitution, separate flag and a separate prime – minister and the excuse given for this whole arrangement that since Kashmir is a Muslim majority state, they should be treated with perks otherwise they might decide to secede with India. Furthermore, minorities such as Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists among others would have little to no right in the state. I some time feel astounded b the fact that first prime minister of India would agree to this absurdity but not only it happened, it continued for 72 years. In fact, no investment came to valley because of 370, no corruption and graft cases could be investigated or prosecuted because of this law.

We Indians often imagine Kashmiris as someone who want to reap the benefits but want a separate Islamic nation without bearing any loyalty to India. Though not true in its entirety and in fact separatists hold sway in only few parts of the state and majority just wanted to live in peace but it’s the laws like 370 and 35A that helped perpetuate this belief.

The most surprising part of Article 370 removal in Parliament was that some Indian politicians would go to all and any extent to oppose the government regardless how it affects the nation. People were surprised that some politicians can object to a formal unification of India. This is what we have fought for, it was delineated clearly in BJP’s manifesto, Article 370 was a national shame so why do some parties want to bear this shame? Paltry political gains perhaps.

Pakistan should stop meddling in Indian affairs, the world has heard their false alarms before and international response should have made things clear but rather then spending time and energy on getting money for the economy they are more interested in what we do inside our country. They want to paint abrogation of Article 370 as so Hindutva conspiracy theory but what more or less can one expect from Islamabad. A country formed on religion looks everyone else from a religious lens.

We should be more cautious in our approach with Kashmir as Pakistan backed separatists and terror organizations and other mischievous domestic elements will try to cause mass unrest. We have to keep such people in check. There could be hard days ahead but none could be harder than what our soldiers and Kashmiri pundits have faced and are facing till this day. There are going to be sacrifices and many bitter battles ahead but from 5th of August there is no turning back now.

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