Undisputed Language of ‘I’


GodSunLight’s —


Has the rejuvenating

Vitamin ‘D’awn and ‘D’usk —

Of greening-capture

Or, vibing-effect that

My purified firewords

Will pierce your body,





To re—write your Destiny,

To re—naissance your Birth,

To re—enlighten your Thoughts,

To re—program your Cosmic-Essence,

To re—charge your reality of ‘Now’,

Then will turn-on

The super  ( hidden )
Star / Soul within you  —

To hammer down

The dark—leagues of bad —

And evil-spirits, tyrants !

To crush down Evolution !

To skyrocket the welfare of the Poor.

To treasure and protect

The soul-beats of the Nature.

To pen and sing infinitely

Of the astral Eyes of your beloved.

To Love your beloved

Vertically and horizontally.

To glorify and celebrate

The Epithalamium —

Of God and Goddess,
Of Light and Nature,

Of Man and Woman,

Or, Lover and Love.

 And to strive for —

( Y )our own


                                                       ~ Sanju Clement

                                                         Kerala, India

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