Long As I live

There is a rumour that

You have abandoned me

Gone to a greener pasture

And do not, even, remember me

I have no control so to say

My love over your loyalty

I am a simple, poor girl

You know I’m no royalty

But I feel very much wounded

By your callous indifference

I never imagined you would have

The money as your preference

For me love is like worship

I’ve put you on a pedestal

Day and night thinking of you

Is akin to pure religious ritual

Whatever other people may say

I will always go on loving you

Whether you love me or not, that

Does not matter in my view

My love would  last forever

Beloved I’ll never forget you

I hope that you come back to me

And fill my life with myriad hues

                                                ~Sudha Dixit

                                                 Bangalore, India

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    A true love it’s indeed!

    A love that lingers even if the loved one doesn’t care to honor it!

    A love beyond comparison – glory to this attitude that doesn’t ignore what it was like a little earlier!

    A love that has no parallels to compare with!

    A love that positively anticipates something favourable will happen for sure now or later!

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