Colors of Life

Life’s a myriad of colors,

Fun for some, struggling for others.

Why not take a chance?

Welcome change, seek deliverance!

Tensions and worries filling your head?

Burn bright and intense like RED!

For it represents fire and blood,

Will let you grow through slime and mud!

Want a life, tranquil and serene?

Grow dense and pure like GREEN!

For it represents nature and life,

Will let you live in peace, free from strife!

Loitering in the dark without any clue?

Be sparkling and ethereal like BLUE!

For it represents the sky and the sea,

Will set your mind free!

When your pride is too hard to swallow,

Be transparent and vibrant like YELLOW!

For it represents the sun,

Will let your negativity burn,

Believe me, your life will be filled with fun!

Can’t distinguish between wrong and right?

Be pure and spotless like WHITE!

For it represents purity and light,

Will dissolve all your spite!

Confused, if you are on the right track?

Be solid and absolute like BLACK!

For it represents the night,

Will shun your fears and clear your sight!

~Sunita Sahoo

 Odisha, India

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    Nice colours added to what we call life!

    Life would be dull and boring in the absence of varied colours, with each one of them representing one aspect or another of it with variations!

    Yet one that aligns with nature has no parallels to compare and compete with!

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