The Justice

Sandhya Sharma from Jaipur, India


  1. Edrix G. Diminsil says:


  2. Edrix G. Diminsil says:

    I Love This Poem😍 It’s Good!😍

  3. Edrix G. Diminsil says:

    This Poem must be Read by many people!😍 Because its stated there the Justice for every people We all have a need for justice when we are wronged or when we see others are wronged. When this need is stimulated, we may become very vocal and active, complaining about the perpetrator and seeking to have them punished or otherwise have justice served.

    The need for justice increases with the severity of the wrong that is done. Small injustices we may overlook. Major injustices result in us becoming highly emotional and can consume our thinking.

    So you need to read this poem and you will find out the feelings of the writter why she/he do this and what is the Purpose

  4. Lyka Lane E. Castro says:

    The poem is good💙

  5. Guiller M. Lansangan says:

    The Poem is Very nice ❣️

  6. Jhoward Maniaul says:

    I love this poem 🏵

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