Who I Am

                     Cool breezes flowing which touched my face

                    And these stormy winds flowing with pace

                   I can  hear my heart thumping on its way

                      faded memories  and a difficult noisy day

                    the leaves of trees vibrating with a rhyme

                    showing my mortal life passing with time

                    my hairs covered my face as the winds blew

                     exploring a world inside a drop of dew

                      the chirping birds touching heights of sky

                     flowing calm water inspiring to take a sigh

                     happiness filled in my heart  and silent brain

                   dancing with a ebullient smile in drizzling rain

                    barking dogs trying to unfold their secrets

                    feeling jealous of my freedom regretting to be pets

                    far from sorrows, tensions, formalities and fake masks

                   just being me and realizing who I am, biggest task!

                                                                                                ~Anjali Sharma 

                                                                                                    Rajouri, India 

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