My Pole Star


A Millimeter Melancholy  

‘I’ can fire, light and sing my songs

To the romancing ears

Of curvy gulf dunes,

Residing in the dreams of island-pearls !

Ah, emotional fetters,

The queenly-winds attached

On the ruined legs

Of my over-romantic travels

Became prime bleeding flowers.

Peeling off the aromas

Petal by petal, ‘I’ did soothe

And eternize

The hurt of my blonde-Summer.

Now my eternal Sunkisses carry the sad mouth of the Earth.

My Sunsoul dissects

And deciphers melancholy of Earth

From the turbulent nucleus

Of its emotional struggles,


By millimeter.

For Promethean rebellion, unending Love and Eternity !


Because, “ My Poetry Is Song And Punishment ! ”

Everyday is Sun-day in Solar System, because, ‘I’, Sun, Pablo Neruda and my Promethean ‘I’ncarnations rule Solar System, Earth, Poetry and ART from Alpha to Omega ! . . ‘I’, Sun, Pablo Neruda and my incarnations are the supreme vigilante and punishing Gladiator for the tyrants, evolved animals, evolved monkeycraps, the unstraight meredust evolved plagiarizing NUMAson, from Alpha to Omega !

Promethean ART and Poesy are like blood and breath ! . . ‘I’ can’t separate both from Life, reality ! . . ‘I’ pen protest poems to analyze the conditions of my Earth, human society, to record turbulent-time and to give ruthless punishments to tyrants, despots, fanatics, evolved animals and unstraight mere-dust evolved plagiarizing Numacrap, from Alpha to Omega !

Like everything, human society and protest-poetry change from time to time ! . .  But, tyranny, despotism, fundamentalism or Evolution is like the wretched chameleon, it has many proverbial colors to blind the masses !

Every protest needs diverse strategies to expose or stop the evils of the War ! . . That too before another Hiroshimas, fat boys, Smiling Buddhas or atom bombs get exploded by the evil hands of tyranny, despotism, fundamentalism or Evolution ! . . ‘I’ incarnate, ascent or descent to crush down the animal consciousness which enslave the thinking races and unthinking races alike !

‘I’m the rebel-Lion of Revolution for Earth and my poor earthlings !  . . The radiant smiles of my adored Earth are my only life sustaining capsules ‘I’ feast daily against my death ! . . My life is truthfulness, my mission is rebellion and my Fire is unbeaten salvation ! . . And my Earth’s revolutions around ‘I’, Sun, is the undisputed Assumption, Rebellion and Testimony  ( ART ) from Alpha to Omega !


Because, ‘I’ only scratch my Earth !

‘I’ came to Earth, to love only Earth.

‘I’ came to Earth, to die for Earth.

‘I’ came to Earth, to incarnate for Earth.

Though ‘I’ knew nothing of Earth

My eyes started portraying her

In the atrium of my Sunsoul.

Earth became the daily life, talks

And vibes of my sensuous thoughts.

‘I’ rule my Earth and her dreams

For her jocund revolution always !

Earth is always willing only for my legendary actions !

Promethean Rebellion  

Earth is the only revolving perfume,

Magical anthem, in May, only for ‘I’ !

Naked bed of roses

Embraces my Fire.

‘I’ burn away pillows

Of disappointment.

Kissing Fire and hymns

Of my long Life

Prosper and drill

Only on lips, breasts and vortex of Earth.

‘I’ look around the inspiring mounts.

‘I’ see only breasts and curves of Earth.

‘I’ lean down, and burn kissing my Earth.

‘I’ rise, in perfumed kisses of my Earth.

Only Earth and ‘I’ boomerang Eternity !


‘I’ give my Earth my hairy Sun-chest

To fit-on, sleep-on and dream-on

A thousand years.


My Pole Star

Only Earth is my Pole Star

‘I’ love to kiss, pen, dig, ruin and scratch

From Alpha to Omega !

Because, only my adored Earth

Astonish, love, ruin –

And heal ‘I’ every night

As she blossoms and smiles

In a peerless and predestined orb,

As my only Pole Star.

As my only Soul-mate

Of eternal Love,

Abbreviating the visibly infinite

Chemical distance

Between a lovely-planet and

A cluster-less

Penning Sun, ‘I’.

‘I’ am not alone or dead anymore.

Earth propels my rebellion, Love and Fire,

Vertically and horizontally !

                                                                           ~ Sanju Clement 

                                                                            Kerala, India

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