My Nation Today

This is my country in its prime;

where, I hope being sarcastic is not a crime.

Where freedom to express is compromised

and almost every issue is politicized.

Institutions are in a strife,

busy arguing like man and wife.

Judicial decisions frequently questioned,

without being called for, un-occasioned.

In groups, they kill and they murder,

on account of anticipated cow slaughter.

Decades-old conflict, still undecided,

temple and mosque has got them divided.

The woman question – inside the temple,

whose Lord, they say, was pure and simple.

The Paradise, forever in turmoil,

serves for the terrorists, as a foil.

Here, changing cities’ names is in vogue;

governments recklessly carrying out this plan so rogue!

To sacrifice the nation, the dare,

above all, they choose, the glory of the chair!

This is my country in its prime,

where being critical is certainly a crime –

Branded they are as anti-national

due to differences not personal, but factional!

                                                                 ~ Bhavya Roy

                                                                Bhagalpur, India

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