‘I’m The Sunheight Of The Conquering Light !


‘I’ am the only universal conquering Light,

The Sun and ‘I’ncarnations !

To revive Earths, Poetry,

Natural dreams, alchemy,

Revolving climates,

Gravitation of passion, corollas,

Movement of night and straight

Elements !

Because, ‘I’ only pen and scratch

From the Sunheight of Light

From Alpha to Omega !

‘I’ know where my songs and ART are going,

To irrigate, to plant seeds of Hope,

To march, to Fire brand

Eternal Love

On the body of Earth, Future !

And Future said to ‘I’ : Everything will happen

As long as the faithful Earth revolves around ‘I’ !


‘I’ rule the Life and Fire my way to purify the Solar System daily ! . . ‘I’ fire, sing and light for my adored Earth, and to alleviate the pains of my poor people ! . . What revolution without undisputed GodSunLight and ‘I’ncarnations ? . .  Revolution of the blind-bats, dramatic-frogs, unstraight evolved monkey-craps, evolved seasons / sea-sons or Numacrap ? . .  ‘I’ am the Rebellion, the Rebel-Lion of the Revolution, of the Earth and the Poetry ! . .  ‘I’ only incarnate to punish the tyrants, despots, oppressors, fanatics and unstraight mere-dust evolved plagiarizing Numacrap ! . . Because, ‘I’ am allergic to tyranny, despotism and evolution from Alpha to Omega ! . . ‘I’ do not make peace / truce with tyrants, despots, evolved animals and unstraight mere-dust evolved plagiarizing Numa-crap, from Alpha to Omega !

Because, they forever dishonor holiness, humanized system, originality, Truth and Fire ! . .  They are forever on the paths of pandemonium, blinding the helpless eyes of peace and humanism; hating the blossom of visible climates and secular vibes ! . . Simply for their useless bliss, those soulless monkey-craps, without an iota of sense, do harm, deflower and slaughter the Peace, Nature and words ! .  . They roam with rotten and howling coteries, hunting harmony ! . . Finally they stab on their own evolved steps, breaths; and veins of their own bleeding countries too !

Of what zoology, those mere-dust evolved plagiarizing whore-sons are made of ?  . . Oh, ranting, howling and conspiring cannibals or monkeycrap/s, you breath, step, work, ethic and peace thieves, will you tell the world that by whom humanism, originality and script were taught you ? ! . . ‘I’ll axe blood of those unlimited editions of peace-chewing, suit-wearing political terrorists and evolved sons ! . . ‘I’ will hunt them down daily in battlefields and protest Poetry, with Perfect Truth of the Promethean Fire, Light and Incarnations !

Because, ‘I’ can’t shut my eyes and light when my Earth and people are in pains ! . . Because, Solar System is my undisputed kingdom ! . . Because,  ” my Poetry is song and punishment ! ”


‘I’ am the only constant,

Amorous gardener of the Solar System !

‘I’ only transform the sea-rain,

The melancholia of Earth into Hope !

‘I’ only sing, enjoy,

Fire-dance with Life, Earth and Poetry !

‘I’ only Kiss the Love

And the Revolution

Of Earth and Poetry

With Sun-lips and fire-long Pen !

For unending-Love,

Carnal tenderness, Epithalamium,

Straight-kids, Rebellion and Eternity !


Earth profiles herself as Impure Poetry

To revolve only around ‘I’,

Only for my legendary non-stop actions,

From Alpha to Omega !

I’m the Sunheight of the conquering Light !


The Earths who love ‘I’

Will get serendipity !

But, the Earth ‘I’ love
Will get Eternity !

Because, the Earth ‘I’ love

Will become the Poetry


The Queen of every century !


Ah, my Love,

My faithful Earth,

Come here,

In this loneliness, tonight.

Come soon,

Like my Queenly Monsoon,


Like my flowering Summer of LovelyNeverness !




A piece of our everlasting KISS

Drizzled down like music of sky / heaven,

Between Life and Dreams !

Let’s look for

Let’s struggle for

Vertically and horizontally,

In divine Cosmic Yogas

In Promethean ART.

                                                           ~ Sanju Clement

                                                               Kerala, India

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