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Winds of Hatred

Winds of hatred blowing through my beloved land turn it into an arid desert of suspicion and mistrust the warp and the weft of the multihued tapestry torn asunder by the jagged knife of divisive forces jingoism running rampant a silent multitude cowers helplessly while those armed with high decibels […]

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You are my life I shall not lose hope You made me laugh When I am in pain You provided me with your care Which restores my modesty You lead me in the right way of life Through the coolness of your maleness And your gift is love, Even though […]

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My Pole Star

I A Millimeter Melancholy   ‘I’ can fire, light and sing my songs To the romancing ears Of curvy gulf dunes, Residing in the dreams of island-pearls ! Ah, emotional fetters, The queenly-winds attached On the ruined legs Of my over-romantic travels Became prime bleeding flowers. Peeling off the aromas […]

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By Terence Wynne from Camillus, NY, USA

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Celestial Love

Most beautiful and divine Feeling in the universe Happens to be the love In which two souls traverse But when your love is only One – sided and unrequited There’s no pleasure involved There’s only agony unlimited Some people love intensely, But don’t get it in return, They suffer in […]

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Mother Redefined

Mother — kissed my sleeping forehead at six in the morning returned to me with smiles at six again. Mother — paid the bills fought corrupted officers walked the crowded lanes with bureaucratic files. Mother — pursued her dreams expressed her opinions lived a life every mother deserves to live. […]

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My Nation Today

This is my country in its prime; where, I hope being sarcastic is not a crime. Where freedom to express is compromised and almost every issue is politicized. Institutions are in a strife, busy arguing like man and wife. Judicial decisions frequently questioned, without being called for, un-occasioned. In groups, […]

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Less than 100 Rs a Day

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal It was a blistering summer afternoon and I had just came out of the metro station of Sector 34, Noida when the blistering Sun made me changed my mind of walking to my apartment complex roughly a kilometer or so away. I looked around and […]

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Final Venture

As fast as I could manage I ran and ran and ran I was on a special mission I had to catch a train I reached the station late and The train was about to leave I held on to the door knob Didn’t want to miss and grieve My […]

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Cracker Jack Box Poem

I don’t wear my pocket watch anymore it reminds me of my age, 73, soon more, outdated gadget, time hanging where moving parts below don’t belong nor work anymore. I don’t like to think about endings. Age is a Cracker Jack box with no face, modern speed dial, no toy […]

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