It Breaks My Heart

How does a heart break?

Is it made of glass?

I hear people saying

She/ he broke my heart

I sit and ponder…

Young girls and boys in love

Commit suicide if either one breaks

The other one’s heart

 I ponder seriously over the issue

 Is one’s life so worthless?

That if cheated in love

One must kill oneself

 Without a thought of the family

 Why have children become so selfish, so immature?

Yes, it takes pluck and courage to commit suicide


Is it the only way to solve problems?

These ifs and buts have never done anybody any good

Life is precious

Young minds do irresistible things without batting an eyelid

Discos, drinks, partying, and car and motorbike racing

Drown their agitating nerves for pleasure and ‘purpose’

They become blind to their chilling whims

And heated idiosyncrasies

Their wobbling footsteps lure them into unknown territories

Misuse of independence, floating money, and bad company

Ruins them all

Too late, they realize how they have fallen deep

Into a pit of no return

Parents weep and shed tears for their loved ones

While the distraught child falls asleep into eternal sleep

Mourning day and night, the destitute parents become indisposed

While the ‘intoxicated, light headed child,’ is consumed to ashes

Leaving behind a hollow life for the bereaved

                                                            ~  Shobha Diwakar

                                                                  Jabalpur, India

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