Insidious Pleasure

The glittering rays ,an another day to start
A chance to live in keeping my yesterday apart
Feisty challenges and opportunities  knocking out,
With trembling steps ,I move around cloud of doubt
Yeah! I am sentimental but I can’t can’t weep even after a hard hit
If I can’t laugh or cry at the same time I can’t quit
I have to walk with patience and I know I will,
Life is a challenge and now everything seems uphill
I face new failures but still my try is to fly high
With moist eyes I want to cry. But I have to sigh
Walking confidently with ebullient smile my pace is slow
My patience reflecting in glinting eyes is ready for a blow
City lights turning on and off remind me off the fugacious hurdles
A new day seems a new opportunity with hard struggle
But yearning to win and inspiration within is hidden treasure
My failures and hardest hits give me insidious pleasure..

                                                                                        ~Anjali Sharma

                                                                                             Rajouri, J&K, India

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