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Insidious Pleasure

The glittering rays ,an another day to start A chance to live in keeping my yesterday apart Feisty challenges and opportunities  knocking out, With trembling steps ,I move around cloud of doubt Yeah! I am sentimental but I can’t can’t weep even after a hard hit If I can’t laugh […]

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The Mar-A-Lago Mayhem

By Terence Wynne from Camillus, NY, USA

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Who Died And Left You Boss

By Mark Antony Rossi My mother said I came out swinging. She was a nurse and often her descriptions bordered on pornographic. God Bless her but I really don’t need details about my mother’s birth canal. Not ever. Maybe it’s a Jersey thing but I was not a person to […]

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It Breaks My Heart

How does a heart break? Is it made of glass? I hear people saying She/ he broke my heart I sit and ponder… Young girls and boys in love Commit suicide if either one breaks The other one’s heart  I ponder seriously over the issue  Is one’s life so worthless? […]

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An Appeal to the Voter

Dear Reader, If you are reading this and if you are 18 or above and an Indian citizen, then please go out there and vote. The elections have officially begun and you have a chance to have your say in the decisions of the home. Please do take out time […]

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Lovely Neverness

Ah, my beloved red Rose, Ah, my beloved red Sky, Let ‘I’ respite inside your petals of view, And ravish the ripen honey of your Soul, Your heavenly immeasurable loveliness ! Oh, my heavy voice The space can’t convey ! But, your looks, desperation and melancholy Excited my rebellious desires. […]

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Make Politicians Approachable Again

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Election season is here in India. Every five years we get a glimpse, if we are lucky enough, of a rare species that is neither endangered nor extinct, yet it makes itself available for public view for few days till the date you press that […]

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Our Voting Begins

As elections draws near The challenges begin Parties yell and cry they are the best Others proclaim the same  If the opposition wins The country will go to dogs Just as it did years back, someone whispers A hush resides in the hearts of the voters  They are an ambiguous […]

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The Challenge

Tears are not going To change my fate, This bitter truth I comprehended late, Shadows will chase me If I run, I must turn And let them Squarely face me There is no option But to fight, Must not cower Or retreat, To the Demon’s Delight Let me hold back […]

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Make Kids Free Again

By Terence Wynne from Camillus, NY, USA

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