They are as instant

As Nescafe

As swift as the flowing water

You cannot step into twice

The ripples you create


Cannot catch

Disappearing into the

 Depths of intense gloom

You cannot pierce through


They are always there

Waiting to be caught

Like a fish in the net


Slipping away

At the slightest nudge

The ‘spur’ is spontaneous


The trotting horse

That gallops away

With reins in your hands


 Steady its speed

Thoughts reined

Are harnessed

You cannot catch

A falling star

                                                      ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                      Jabalpur, India


  1. It’s a very simple poem with a beautiful idea presented with imagery that one can feel how true it is if you don’t pay attention to your creative thoughts they give you the slip. You lose them forever. Ms Diwakar’s poems may appear to be very simple but they undoubtedly have a deep meaning to them.

  2. thank you ms asb for your nterpretation of the idea contained in this short poem
    thoughts are fleeting and yes, if you cannot harness them they are lost forever

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