The Wrong Journey

I was late to reach the platform
And ran fast to catch the train
Later I realized in the process
I didn’t properly use my brain

It was a wrong train, it moved on
Couldn’t do anything but sit and wait
So I settled down by the window
Thinking that I would miss my date

All I would do was to disembark
At the next big station
And get back from where I started
To begin again that was the equation

To my surprise the train never stopped,
Continued on its constant speed
I didn’t know as to what I should think
What’s in my destiny I never could read

Now it became an endless voyage
Finally I resigned to my fate
Whatever God does – is only for our good
May be this would lead me to heaven’s gate

This is my life’s spiritual journey
It’ll continue on a mission so high
It will not stop at any interval, ‘twill
Cease to move only when I die

                              ~ Sudha Dixit 

                                          Bangalore, India

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