oh flower dear, so redolent your fragrance

implode serenity with aromatic essence:

I hate you despite your blooming colour

Epitomising chameleonity in human asunder;

on silvery night,partner`s coiffure flower

adoring picked from concubine`s wrist beholding,

petals thrown while funeral service attending

fake grief animated mutely fabricating

not all promises with flower invoke cupid

whoever trusts sometimes turns stupid;

bunches of flowers with devotion to deity

eventually scrambled into a bin dirty:

boastful promises when evaporated in chatter political

Manoeuvre ensures apologetic flower,

so I dislike you rather pity

oh my flower lies all assemble at your coloured arbor.

                                                                                                                  ~ Shyamal Mukhopadhyay

                                                                                                                Nagpur, India

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  1. Niresh Ch acharya says:

    The piece of poetry touches the dignity of humanity.

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