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Staying Cautious in Voting Season

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Election dates have been declared, political landscape is hyper charged with rallies, slogan and speeches but the most effective medium of electoral outreach lies in your hands. Trust me, in this election season be careful with WhatsApp and Facebook messages, the automated calls and what […]

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They are as instant As Nescafe As swift as the flowing water You cannot step into twice The ripples you create But Cannot catch Disappearing into the  Depths of intense gloom You cannot pierce through Yet, They are always there Waiting to be caught Like a fish in the net […]

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Large Results in a Little

Large numbers of rain drops, Results in a little water body . Large quantities of water, Results in a little pure water. Large number of books, Results in a little competitive knowledge. Large number of pages, Results in a little  book. Large number of mistakes, Results in a little problem. Large number of […]

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A Serendipity

I  wanted  to  be  left  alone I  was  in  intense  pain Trying  to  hide  my  tears, I  came  out  in  the  rain My  anguish  vanished  when I  saw   myriads  of  Hollyhocks In  awe  I  glanced  around  to  find Dancing   magnificent  peacocks My  heart  skipped  a  beat At  the  sight  of  […]

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The man behind me in lidl said something to me. “Sorry I didn’t catch that .” I said “Can I ask you a question?” He said. “Sure.” “Do you know that God loves you?” “I hope so.” I said and realized why on this awful day I had come to […]

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The Case Against Space Exploration

By Mark Antony Rossi In the past two months India and New Zealand have been attacked by racist terrorists killing over seventy-five innocent people.  Wars, genocides and man-made famines are still common place in the 21st century. The same century that perfected reusable space capable rockets built by private corporations. […]

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Not My Problem

By Terence Wynne from Camillus, NY, USA

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Sarp (Snake)

By Anuradha S. Bannore Ramlal lived with his wife Gainda in Sarp, a remote village. It was so named because various types of weird snakes were found in this village. It had muddy hillocks, thick bushes, trees; in fact it was full of all sorts of vegetation. People never dared […]

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Hate ‘I’ ! As the stream hates the drought ! Many times you banished my unending Love. Got solace among the alcohol of solitude. Learned to sleep with island pains. ‘I’ am the loser of my Kohinoor heaven, My muse-full Eve of Eden ! How can ‘I’ ever blame you […]

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Passion is Predominant

Everyone in the universe have a passion , It may be studying or just fashion. Passion may be studying a lesson, Or studying in a session. Life must be good , Person should become successful he should . Some people might fulfil their goals alone , Some do nothing just […]

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