I am an individual

I cannot be classified as a whole

Into the living or the non living

The animate or the inanimate

I can feel

I can smell

I can see

I can hear

Not necessarily what you feel,

What you hear as an individual

I have a separate identity

Quite different from yours

I feel different

I smell different

I see different

I hear different

I am what I am

I can adjust


Cannot change

Each moment is different to me

I love being myself

I give myself to me wholeheartedly, unselfishly

I love to pamper myself

 I am a child to myself

My childhood comes back to me

Each hour of the day

I am exuberant

I am exultant

Every achievement fills me with

Unrestricted innocent pleasure

I dance I sing

I leap I rejoice

In everything I perceive

The incongruous too delight me

They live a life of their own

Nature delights me

The majestic uplifts me

I envy no one’s growth

I am happy with what I

It is God’s benediction

I cannot ask for more

He has created me the way I am

I accept myself

You can call me Narcissus

                                                           ~ Shobha Diwakar

                                                           Jabalpur, India

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