Crying Hearts

The wind shrieked

The clouds thundered

Lightning struck the sky

It poured and poured

Drenching the earth

The gods cried out their souls

Suddenly the wind seized.

The sky grew dark and cloudy

The pouring stopped a while

As if to pay homage to the departed souls

Covered in the National flag

Lying still in their coffins

Their heartbeats vanished forever

Devils crossed their emotional path

They were proceeding to guard their homeland territories

Braying, bloodthirsty devils crossed

Their innocent patriotic strides

And crushed them forever

The heaven cried

The birds shuddered

The sun hid behind the clouds to shed silent tears

The stars and the moon declared it a mournful night

They crept behind and refused to light the path of sinners

The only shelter they availed was in the hearts of those

Who laid down their lives

The mothers cried, the wives wailed

The children agonized looked beyond the vacant space

Searching with hungry eyes

Their dear lost fathers somewhere hid from their sight

Their aged fathers mute and blinded with questions unanswered

Stared at the young bodies draped in the National Flag

Martyred and lost forever

Who will punish these Ravanas of humanity?

Who will avenge their beloved children’s innocent death?

Is the Nation ready?

Are the people united?

Are the hatching differences of our leaders united on this issue?


Their marketing skills stand above this tragedy.

The aching bodies lying in the coffins

And consumed to flames in their hometown

Demand an answer

The vacant eyes of their families will haunt those forever

Who play a foul game?

This cold- blooded murder will chase you in your sleep


Awaken you from your lust of power

To roughly shred your hankerings for wealth and glory

To transport yourselves to ‘Heaven’

Where our martyrs lie in the lap of god

Guarded by the angels divine

Who will spread their wings and wipe the un-dried tears

Of their loved ones upon this earth

                                                                                    ~Shobha Diwakar

                                                                                  Jabalpur, India


  1. It’s a great tribute to our Jawans. The imagery is beautiful..You can actually visualize everything as you read the poem. Let’s hope and pray these Martyrs and their family get justice for their sacrifice & great loss. Jai Hind

  2. thank you ASB for your support in favor of the great young martyrs who laid down their life through the terrorists brutal attack in the prime of their youth may their souls rest in peace and give courage to the bereaved family
    we stand by them in this hour of their grief