A Nation in Anger

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

I apologize beforehand if my article offends anyone but I really don’t know how to describe this anger in words, in wake of a cowardly attack in Pulwama where 44 of CRPF personnel laid down their lives in the line of duty; the country is filled with rage and a sense of sadness. The lingering question is how and when will India respond and what lies ahead in relationship with Pakistan, is there an alternative to war.

Pulwama attack was the first suicide attack on Indian soil and if this sort of atrocity will go unchallenged then we do not have right to call ourselves a sovereign nation. We cannot let our country become another Pakistan or Afghanistan, and I am sure our security forces will have an appropriate response in due time but this attack has proved beyond doubt, if there was any, that the process of dialogue is simply not an option with Pakistan. When a terrorist organization that roams free on our neighbors’ soil brazenly claims responsibility of suicide bombing in ours then only hostile and prejudiced response will bring them to their senses. We have to make them understand that there is a cost that comes with such violence. The onus is on Indian government to give a befitting reply. Sooner or later, we will be drawn to war; I do not see any other recourse in the long run. One can’t reason with these animals who believe killing innocent people is a doorway to heaven & virgins.

Though government has responded with revoking most favored nation status of Pakistan, I suggest we go one step further and forbid companies who are doing business on Indian soil to operate in Pakistan and vice versa. Doesn’t matter if they are subsidiaries of large MNCs, the choice should be clear to businesses and companies, its us or them, there can’t be both. It will definitely trigger some backlash but there are only extreme choices here. Unfortunately, there is no paradigm of mutual coexistence.

Now, coming to the question of Kashmiris, well, I think we have done enough for them. It would not be any wise to see our generosity and kindheartedness repaid by a stab in the back, perhaps its in heir DNA or mindset but I think we should review article 370 and loyalties of groups like hurriyat, PDP and National Conference. Kashmir needs to be administered by the army, not the governor. We should give our forces a free hand to deal sternly with those stone-pelters. We have shown enough softer side to these ingrates its time to show them whose country it is.

These attacks will cast a shadow in coming elections and there is a good chance that we may see some action before the polling season but let’s hope that our response befits the damage they have done. Let’s send the message that India will not tolerate killings of its citizens in a wanton act of cruelty. If they want war, so be it. Jai Hind.



  1. The entire country stands with our Honourable Prime Minister who has promised to take action against this ghastly act. Let’s hope and pray he will succeed in teaching the enemies a lesson. Bharat Mata ki Jai

  2. bravofr o siddharthji for your very timely editorial on this ghastly and cowardly act . Our revered PM will definitely take action against this devilish act of cowardice
    thrmy, navy and air force are ready with their brave platoons
    Long Live India
    Long Live our PM
    Long live our armed forces

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