The Missing Piece

Mahabharat- The Great Indian War Epic

No problem is solved by wars

We have angels and the criminals

Crime’s akin to hairs and nails

Which need trimming and cut,

From time to time for they keep growing

So, we must eliminate the crime,

Not the criminal unless necessary

Many centuries back, there were

Pandavas- the good people and

Kayrvas, the bad ones, who greedy,

Selfish and adamant,

They did not listen to even Krishna,

The human incarnation of God

Finally the war happened- a great war

All the hundred plus Kaurvas were killed

But, even Pandavas, too, didn’t survive

End result was chaotic mass slaughter

Of all – bad or good people

What happened to the Holy War ?

Annihilation !

Because the missing piece was “Peace”

Violence is never

The solution.

                                                ~Sudha Dixit

                                                  Bangalore, India

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